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Happy christmas – Replica Omega Constellation watches

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Omega-watch-3 Omega-watch-2 Omega-watch-1

Dazzling galaxy been placed unlimited reverie, between good margin countless witnesses starry sky. Christmas has to, every moment under the vast snow are disseminated fragrance lover passion. When the occasion of a dream wedding day, Omega Constellation Classic portrait served two terms: stable 38 mm Constellation tough Sunday ephemeris, slim beautiful constellation of 27 mm coaxial female form. Accompanied by Omega luxury jewelry series, witness friend Xiangxi, sparkling romantic night.

Replica Omega Constellation watch is one of the watches in the world’s most popular and recognizable. Since 1982 the introduction of the iconic “claws” design since this extraordinary watch series around the world attracted countless loyal supporters.

Replica Omega Constellation 38 mm Day-Date watch is equipped with Omega 8602/8612 coaxial movement – Sunday calendar display and instantaneous jump function of self-produced movement Omega coaxial movement with the first family. Si 14 silicon material gossamer application is to bring a more perfect timing performance and exceptional stability.

Arched 18K gold central hour, minute and second hands are covered with luminous coating, at 6 o’clock and calendar window at 12 o’clock week window is particularly striking. Classic constellation star emblem flag located just above the calendar window.

With polished claws of 38 mm brushed metal case has a variety of material to choose from: 18K red gold, 18K gold, 18K red gold with stainless steel and 18K gold with stainless steel. Roman numeral hour markers matte bezel inlaid with a total weight of 0.13 karats of 116 brilliant-cut diamonds, sparkling light.

Through screwed sapphire case back, the new Omega 8602/8612 coaxial movement of the operation clearly visible. Watch with the same material and the case metal bracelet, waterproof to a depth of 100 meters.

Replica Omega Constellation coaxial 27 mm 18K red gold ladies watch is one of the new watches Omega Constellation family is the most shining. Refined luxury matte case by 18K red gold. Perfect match with the case of red gold bracelet with a matte polished chain links and pins were set with 144 brilliant-cut diamonds on the chain pin, the total weight of 0.54 karats. Paved bezel embedded with 32 brilliant-cut diamonds, total weight of 0.50 karats.

Venus downs arrangement 18K red emblem on the white mother of pearl dial, form the constellation pattern, become the finishing touch. Keystone calendar window at 3 o’clock. Arched polished 18K gold hour and minute hands covered with white luminous coating, in low light conditions can also be easily read the time.

Replica 27 mm coaxial Omega Constellation ladies watch equipped with Omega 8521 coaxial movement excellent, perfect to meet the female intake to watch the beauty and extraordinary mechanical movement of the same expectations.

If love begins a glimpse, the best hosts then this wonderful jewelry is to freeze. Qingyimianmian hidden sustenance, record forever commitment, gestures mapping out the most beautiful woman she explains.

Adhering to 165 years of watchmaking tradition, the Omega brand heritage and to draw inspiration from classic watches, the glory of the introduction of luxury jewelry line. Each design is unique and creative, meaningful implication.

Replica Omega Constellation series of luxury jewelry design inspiration is derived from the legendary Omega watch series – Constellation series. As the world’s most popular and one of the most recognizable watches, Constellation watch was first introduced in 1982 claws design as its hallmark continues today. Constellation Constellation series of jewelry and watch bezel design of the same strain, the same personality with claws on one side jewelry engraved Roman numerals, the other side is engraved with the words “OMEGA”. Constellation series of luxury jewelry inlaid surface after polishing or brilliant diamonds, Meaningful into revealing gorgeous atmosphere.

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Replica Corum Bubble watches reathtaking momentum

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Innovative Swiss watchmaking brand name Corum in 2000 came into the celebration to produce a sizable situation with big desk mirror Bubble watch, its unusual strategy quickly became a remarkably touted new century watch masterpiece; after fifteen years Replica Bubble watch triumphal profit, yet again placed increased exposure of the group of transcendent position.

Replica Bubble watch is how the birth from the concept?

Fifteen years ago, Severin Wunderman into the production areas of Haute Horlogerie, and is wholly owned Corum watch brand; watches entering the kingdom, his mind has ambition, because he believed the watch industry was tedious and conservative, the industry is not thinking written rules firmly bound; he was very respected industry’s first-class quality, technology and technical level, but that the industry’s creative spirit is inadequate, mostly seen in the market timepieces serious style conservatism, he believes the industry must start breaking innovation leather energy into the future. He will own ideas ideas ideas into products and innovative design as the first, but this way of thinking is the Severin Wunderman will Corum brand transition to power world of Haute Horlogerie creative pioneer!

At that time, the wrist watch sizing increasing tendency has been established, although the size of the altitudes Replica Bubble watch. Severin Wunderman Professor Piccard’s submarine from your prior within an products encouraged Replica Bubble watch will increase to 44 mm in size, as well as its thick arched kitchen table looking glass accurately the original source label from the watch; Bubble complete weight, amazing momentum , a special.

Why Replica Bubble watch will return in 2015? What is the difference with all the initial design of the brand new wrist watches ten years ago?

Throughout the years, Corum every now and then for their renowned performs such as quite associated with Glowing Tubing, Ingot watch, Indian Go Coin modern beauty and also other injection stroke, place on a brand new seek out the traditional. Also when the representative of one of the classic altar, though fifteen years ago, the launch of the Corum Replica Bubble watch is not only a masterpiece. Bubble shows a progressive style considering, known as a pioneer of avant-garde realm of Haute Horlogerie, broke the standard business, open new areas of ingenuity. 15 yrs following the profit of the limited edition of Bubble lavish, flag Corum creative traditionally significant one by natural means a point of study course.

2015 Bubble new shape with the original is no different, but the case diameter increased from 44 mm to 47 mm slightly arched slightly reduced thickness table mirror; Case by grinding, satin brushed and polished, meticulous workmanship, adherence to Advanced Watches craft tradition, but the original novelty consistently.


Bubble watch designer brand that is it?

Severin Wunderman then privately developed the initial Bubble watch; new designs available today, and also by the Corum watch Nicolas and factory Le Moigne, Pedro Friedeberg or pAiSTe developed in assistance.

Bubble family Op Art work Model unique suggestions, two new designs have been officially posted. Bubble watch arched crystal cup dinner table mirror 8 mm thick, may be considered as the biggest desk match design industry, both lens functionality, you may expand or distort the aesthetic outcomes call. Corum and business designer brand Nicolas Le Moigne cooperate created two new models, one of many patterns drawn from optical art. Visual Illusion Disciplines, also known as Op Art work, the entire year came into this world in Hungary, since the French painter Victor Vasarely called the daddy from the miracle of craft.

Optical Impression illusion craft is the usage of men and women, to ensure the routine set up is subjected to stationary or powerful as cause of visual compare. Nicolas Le Moigne seize factors of visible secret art, 3-dimensional effect fantasy dial into full enjoy decrease into a small space, an exclusive visible dynamic is sort of a match to break out.

Bubble Sphere2 dinner table since the title indicates, it looks just like a ball in an element of the golf ball, call with desk mirror as a whole, amongst the glowing blue outlines minimize with the call and view just like a mirror, into aesthetic outcomes.

Makers second new pencil for Bubble Decrease call just like the ups and downs from the all-natural grooved, landscape and uneven with clever lighting effects, like drinking water ripples ripples, along with the brand of Bubble Fall an ideal match up.

The most recent launch in the Op Craft restricted creation design, each and every constrained production 350: Bubble Sphere2 brass call with blue and blue PVD finish scenario, the pointer Very-LumiNova luminous light blue manage.

The dial and the case have been brown PVD coating, the pointer is brown Super-LumiNova luminous filler, though bubble Drop materials Like Bubble Sphere2 match.

The two new types in addition to natural leather dinner table with silicone liner, the identical substance dealing with and situation clasp.


Three Replica calendar watch on here

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Innovative complicated features most beneficial ought to be the primary schedule. As soon as set can properly for quite some time, the calendar can determine the near future motion one day of the week. The effect is actually quite important, because a perpetual calendar watch wearers will no longer need to take time to manually adjust their watches every day, though while this sounds quite dull. Specifically, they may not make any guide adjustment till 2100.


1: Replica Ulysse Nardin Perpetual Calendar Manufacture Watch

When Athens matter work schedule is unique for the reason that, on your own well before an individual crown making, all things considered modification day. Positioned in a 43 mm rose precious metal situation, this exclusive edition watch with gray call, rose precious metal 60 minutes marker pens. Capabilities add the hour and minute hands and wrists along with the central GMT, implying another time zone, day window at 1 o’clock position, 30 days windowpane at 3 o’clock, and little mere seconds disc recommendations few days happen to be in the 9 o’clock position. At 6 o’clock printed out with the eternal mark (∞), for UN-32 activity is its cardiovascular system, it is going to only need to by hand change the time in 2100, 9 o’clock area case engraved with a serial number. Having a leather material straps with foldable buckle.

Replica Blancpain Villeret Quantième Perpétuel calendar watch

2: Replica Blancpain Villeret Quantième Perpétuel calendar watch

Attached to 42 mm 18K reddish gold or platinum case, this watch is the Blancpain Villeret sequence initially 1 work schedule designer watches. White colored fireplace enamel dial, function several hours and a few minutes, as well as little mere seconds at 6 o’clock and also the moon cycle sign, and about three modest call with blue steel hands: the month and leap season at 12 o’clock, time sign at 3 o’clock, and yes it indicates few days 9 o’clock. At its coronary heart is definitely the 5939A activity, opened up a brand new creation Blancpain self-winding perpetual schedule activity. It provides an 8-working day power reserve.

Replica Patek Philippe Grand Complications 5271P-001 series

3: Replica Patek Philippe Grand Complications 5271P-001 series

5271P-001 is really a Patek Philippe 5270 how the most rep diamonds model work schedule watches. Installed on a 41 millimeters platinum circumstance with a gemstone-set bezel and lugs had been provided with 58 baguette gemstones and black call. Outer dial is really a tachymeter size ring, the fingers and hour or so marker pens are platinum material. Functions add the hours and minutes, central chronograph fingers, month and date display at 12 o’clock, 3 o’clock half an hour travel time, leap year indicator involving 4 and 5 date, o’clock and moon period at 6 o’clock, day time / evening sign at 7-8 details is definitely the tiny moments at 9 o’clock. It consists of a gleaming dark crocodile leather-based strap with foldable clasp set mosaic 22 baguette diamonds.

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Unknown time – You must know Replica A. LANGE & SOEHNE watches

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I will open gates of unknown timeOpening unimagined pathways through time and space , Replica A. LANGE & SOEHNE watches .Fill your life with a routine so packed, it can’t possibly hold something new. By building a fortress of regular work, you can bet that you’ll never have time to do anything unknown

Human curiosity to explore the unknown and the time of the chase,the watchmakers about the square inch call tireless hunt for impressive endless power. From the 2014 Geneva Watchmaking Salon, innovation, use of new components technology to make activity on the rare metal watch a flower grow period of creativity.


In the 2014 Geneva senior watch salon, we see a different brand of innovation sincerity to make, though some people may be tired of innovation on the watch come and go all the new wine in old bottles in the form of innovation. Lange RICHARD LANGE watch Terraluna calendar is visible with the activity of one area of the keep track of becoming branded moon period screen, the first set up in the wrist watch among the innovative technological innovation product, exhibiting the position of the moon relative to the Earth and the sunshine. Earl come up with world’s thinnest mechanised watch fullness of just 3.65 mm, a fresh international slender record. Audemars Piguet and Montblanc also the use of new resources still go after.

A. LANGE & SOEHNE watches


Hop season exhibit situated within minutes circle the telephone number “15” off to the right of the bull’s-vision. All work schedule exhibit can instantaneously move forward to ensure that the exhibit clear and correct always. To guarantee the required durability from the converting procedure lessen energy by means of rotation of the cam gradually instant, storage and then launch at midnight.

Part motion can be seen with the patent-pending trajectory moon stage exhibit, the very first placed in the wrist watch one of the impressive technologies device, demonstrating the positioning of the moon relative to our planet and also the direct sun light. Keep track of moon phase show made up of about three discs. On the celestial starry drive of your moon exposed within a circular window, the regular monthly orbit round the Planet to spin counter-top-clockwise group of friends. This means there are 29 days to reproduce specifically 12 time 44 a few minutes 3 seconds of your lunar calendar month, till after 1058 to be adjusted 1 day.


Fashion by nature – Replica Chopard Happy Fish watch

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You can’t find out even a trace of apparent engraving in the stone and Replica Chopard Happy Fish watch, which look just as if they originated from nature. Chopard lead us to dive in the serious ocean chi magic exciting world, Happy Fish provides a swirling seas elegant ballet reveals ocean’s most impressive treasures. Happy Fish sapphire set to the combat completely crystal clear seas, new mother of pearl, dotted with soft waves: Chopin master craftsman quality is a poetic trip.

Satisfied Activity collection consists of Caroline Schaefer conventional watchmaking design in 1993, subversion, having an unprecedented blend of components: diamonds and steel. 2002 kick off in the Happy Fish timepieces with gentle as well as the water breeze, is the Pleased Sports activity range improvement process bring the tripod, the complete present day lines and materials useful from the music and the soul of Happy Fish best in shape, Smart gemstones from any resolved mosaic fetters, sapphire crystal between two totally free eddies.

Right now, Happy Fish Xintian superb grace and stylish designer watches. Turquoise call with mother of pearl to create, a bit environmentally friendly glow shades. Main dial, a fragile fish casually showed up reduced-important magic formula time, luminous through the night and steadily disclosed posture. 5 Change the diamonds – the initial blossom fluorescence at night – and a precious rose golden fish in under water community relaxing party, turquoise crocodile leather-based straps and dial side by side. Intelligent having under water world following coin intelligent activity, circumstance by stainless and rose golden substance generation.

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Replica Zenith watches – spend the holidays together

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If the sight of classical love red beans Acacia, Special Edition monthly relative table to express a sense of elegance indifferent Zenith deep love; if brave and romantic longing for modern love, pilot series on the table with its unique retro design brings bold show personality chic passion. Zenith with two sets of different variations enhances few dining tables committed enthusiasm wedding event period, true blessing each and every kind of ideal couple I have got contentment.

Zenith specific release dated reasonably gentle timeless design kitchen table on the blend of the timeless aspects of a variety of the call, it has classic powerful meaning, talking about the real style of extraordinary nature. Men’s wrist watches and women’s wrist watches are looking glass photos, together with center, he played one among band carol. Men’s Commander series moon phase watch combines minimalist layout and complex functions, 40 mm diameter case, with a perfect slim fit Elite 691 automatic movement, elegant matt white dial with large date and moon phase display, in order to Its understated elegance aesthetic qualities, perfectly demonstrates the true eternal values.

Heritage series thin girls moon stage watch a unique model in the Chinese men’s dinner table featuring its perfectly equalled, outfitted Top level 692 extremely-slender motion and diameter of just 33 mm sophisticated circumstance. This watch through a delicate and unique style shows quite really luring simple elegance, 9 o’clock place of your modest mere seconds at 6 o’clock situation from the moon in accordance with your window, filled up with Roman numerals vintage elegance in a subtle asymmetric layout using a quite modern design rose golden call one another, the perfect existing her most fragile elegance.


When Zenith Aviator Variety 20 plane Zenith watch is identified spokesman previously pilot range to careless classic design and style uncovers the heroic character of man. Large and 48 millimeters in size, the wrist watch consists of all of the visual consequences: big onion secure crown, tagged super luminous fresh paint covered with white colored Arabic numerals at sizeable. Vast matt black color dial plainly enhance the silk black colored ruthenium steel very luminous paint pointer. Associated with Sort 20 airplane of the identical series is like a women’s watch inside the area of the atmosphere dazzling blooming legend, watch loaded amplifier majestic 40 mm scenario, with antique pilot watch famous recess crown. Outer call with metallic 60 minutes marker pens track-type size, and inlaid gemstones (about .95 carats), very naturally basic style. Engraved sizeable initial Arabic numerals, which the extremely-luminous materials covered with superluminova to make sure that inside the most severe surroundings also legible. watch style daring and yet advanced, the right handling of her pleasant personality and brisk search for enjoy.

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The best Christmas present – Replica Omega watches

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Just what a present for Christmas time? Omega carefully determined for you personally a special present, Ville Elegance Dewdrop girl develop and Constellation new men’s watch, amazing cohesion of traditional Swiss Timing, the memory space of the most cherished every single second winding arm, go along with you through the nice and cozy heart Accor wintertime.


Omega De Ville sparkle offering a sophisticated series Dewdrop coaxial watch, flawlessly capture the nature of the strange and talk about Intelligent butterfly elegance, as Ville loved ones Brings romantic women charm. 18K red rare metal case using a dazzling diamond bezel, a few on either side “decline” condition lugs. Beautiful dial by 18K reddish colored precious metal and white colored mommy of pearl to create a beautiful butterfly design. This exquisite watch decorated with 8 diamonds 60 minutes markers and five series of favor with the “fall” strung bracelet, while provided with Omega 2500 coaxial movement.

Omega Constellation Quartz 35mm Mens watch

Omega Constellation men’s watch new coaxial designed for modern men and make. The count up because of its about three-dimensional diamonds pattern when Pierre fore, inspired by men’s trend geometry and building market, the globe is a great balance of aesthetics and incorporation, take some sense of peacefulness and peaceful to busy individuals. Stainlesss steel to develop the situation furnished with 18K red-colored rare metal or rare metal bracelet along with a 50 %-moon-hr scale also pick 18K precious metal substance, and engrossed in Awesome-LumiNova luminous layer, in order that in the night can be plainly study. This watch can also be designed with Omega 8500 coaxial activity.

This Christmas time, Omega precious metal watch range to give a hot gold Christmas time, count up all when inheritance Omega craftsmanship every single unique style emphasize the luxurious style. Pierre attractive cosmetic reproduction in the traditional instances, use it together to listen for the Xmas and New Season bells ring the bell, fulfill the new calendar year.


The creative arts – Replica Dior watches

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The elements of design are the building blocks used to create a work of art Create art, even though you’re not an artistBut you’re not creating a work of artIn short, Replica Dior watches are making art.

Luxury is not self-evident. This is especially true artistic exchange between different clearly visible in Dior, which will affect the share. Fusion Dior fashion design studio and senior watch works between the natural birthplace. Watch just watch, or Dior haute couture and clothing bicultural living proof. “Frou-frou”, “Envol” and “Cancan” and other series are derived from the name of Mr. Dior’s iconic series of the year or dress. Evident from these watches are good taste and bold creativity, while rooted in the Christian Dior – was founded in the mid-twentieth century, this brand legend. Dior’s legendary footsteps never stop it, the brand every second family in the creation of a surprise, this surprise might like magic day, it may be a diamond-like bright night under the stars elegant charm. This story is about colors, such as pink and Dior Granville gray, they are ingrained Dior’s iconic elements. Each season fashion and ultimately from reinterpret Dior, and this story is still and has become iconic Dior fashion history that a portion of the relevant profile shape, such as “Bar Jacket” (Bar Jacket) lines.

Dior VIII series of everyday clothing reflect the essence of elegance. Listed at the beginning of the series of high-tech precision ceramic material, after the introduction of the steel and gold version, and there is a beautiful 25 mm and 32 mm dial more assertive to choose from, two sizes reflect two different elegance. No matter what watches do not hesitate to use the clothing show field show brand new signature elements, flawless white and rich black ceramic or crocodile leather reminiscent of spring and summer show floor models.

Dior VIII Baguette series of sapphire is used from a long line section buckle cape-style coat of Dior iconic pink and blue, sparkling diamond on it are like a band of light, reminiscent of the luminous embroidery.

Beginning this year, Dior’s fashion sense so watch more than plus works shine, these wrist decoration or classic or casual, is not to be missed with the first choice. 2015 spring and summer season used to peach rubber strap decorated with white calfskin trim, while the 2015-2016 fall and winter will adopt decorated with blue rubber purple leather strap. La D de Dior series in the style will be more in line with fashion trends, using candy-like 19 mm dial, homologue color lizard leather strap and sapphire, ruby ​​or emerald bezel, 19 mm, 25 mm and 38 mm watches all with color strap. Finally, in addition to the watch’s classic all-black dial, also selected or dark colored strap, bright eye-catching, in the warm summer evenings are like small sip that cocktail.

Wonderful night time show for Dior is senior US custom of a good time. Mr. Dior design prom dress with pleasure sexy charm, such as Rene • Groix (Rene Gruau) are drawings showing naughty as cat-like elegance, while Musharraf • Simon (Raf Simons) have been couture the avant-garde spirit, and these qualities Dior senior watch equally. In the brand to the ‘spirit of two thousand and fifteen Dior • Tokyo’ when (Esprit Dior Tokyo) Series homage to Japanese culture, Dior Grand Soir 33 毫米 watch also on mother of pearl dial to create exquisite Japanese-style origami effect to show that a decorative element and platinum, rose gold or gold steel case complement each other.

Travel can also be a magic secret language of celebration: Dior VIII Grand Bal series of works to make the twentieth century late 1940s legendary Dance will rise again, this dance is informed at the time, gathered spirited urban elite place. The upper Dior VIII Grand Bal “Cancan” watch dial equipped with specially developed functional oscillating weight, wearing at the time it is over Haowan not help thinking that Hollywood style dress layers of ruching and flouncing, are like costumes Tuo decorated with feathers on the watch dial slowly swing delicate, beautiful and delicate.

As a “luxurious and comfortable,” the fashion spirit embodied in advanced watchmaking, only the sale of 15 of the Dior VIII Grand Bal Pièce unique “Envol” watch add more futuristic elements. The watch is decorated with scarab elytra fine mosaic work, focusing on graphic design using oscillating weight adorned with gold and colored stones, so that it is once every swing Yi Ran brilliance, as people blinking. It is all these make it a unique gold watch.

Dior design and simple clean lines of love still Dior VIII Grand Bal “Plissé Soleil” watch has been reflected, mother of pearl “petticoat” elegant decor stunning, and the design of the building construction is so meticulous. In fact, to become an architect is not that Mr. Dior original dream it!

In addition to blue and pink sapphires and grandmother are each piece with elements of Op Art, the new building or re-interpretation of La D de Dior series also to the secret jewels as the main decoration, extremely rich and elegant, inlaid with the watch green, and graded diamonds, exudes bright glory, with black, green, blue or red flames alligator, lizard leather strap satin or more charming.

This unlimited creativity to make haute couture and clothing fashion elements get re-interpretation and blooming splendor in sections Dior senior watch works. Preference for unique, to understand how both faithful to the true self in all cases, all kinds of desire again to transform their pursuit have been reflected here, and this is the Dior spirit is in every quarter Dior frame From the bridge connecting the past and the present bridge to link Mr. Dior beloved eighteenth century avant-garde elements and high-tech light-sensitive surface, the connection that stunning prom dress sexy charm everyone with sparkling sequined jumpsuit charm bridge. Better grasp now, the recollection of the past and seize future opportunities, this may be the Dior fashion magic. And clothing for haute couture, the Dior did not rediscover, but to re-create.


Replica Audemars Piguet watches – Required the entry level

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Audemars Piguet is one of the few independent family watch brand, which watches are designed and meticulously hand-finished iconic self-produced movement. Here is the five cost-effective entry basis Audemars Piguet watches.

1. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak automatic winding stainless steel models 15400ST

Now we seem to take for granted steel luxury sports watch, but Audemars Piguet Royal Oak automatic winding stainless steel models first introduced, the watch industry definitely be unconventional, audacious move, non-precious materials, large size, also ordered a luxury price. As the decades passed, Audemars Piguet Royal Oak has become the most famous Audemars Piguet series.

We recommend that in the middle of the Royal Oak automatic sweep steel section 15400, 41 mm of case can be included in the normal range today, with a blue checkered pattern type Tapisserie large dial, accompanied by well-known octagonal porthole style bezel. Any watch enthusiasts instantly recognize this classic. Built Audemars Piguet automatic movement of production for 3120, 40 drill, automatic transfer camel is 22K gold material, with 60 hours of power reserve.

2. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore diving watch 15703ST

If Royal Oak is a classic, it’s big brother – the Royal Oak Offshore (referred ROO) is that its modern evolution. Royal Oak Offshore is a bigger size, however, when the concept was first proposed, it even shocked the AP management. Fortunately, Offshore was a success, a new era was born the Royal Oak.

We recommend that the stainless steel models Royal Oak Offshore diving watch 15703ST, it is Offshore family of the most popular members. Having Offshore common rubber edging buttons, case size 42 mm × 13.9 mm, with 300 meters water resistance. 10 o’clock crown can rotate diving internal bezel with countdown. Tapisserie its checkered dial is larger than the Royal Oak, the hands are more spacious, naturally it provides excellent readability. Built 3120 Audemars Piguet automatic movement.

3. Audemars Piguet Millennium 4101 steel section 15350ST

Audemars Piguet Millenary 4101 Audemars Piguet is a modern classic dress watch, like the Royal Oak Offshore same size and shape of the case immediately so that the table has a special DNA. We recommend stainless steel models 15350ST, table diameter of 47 mm at its widest point.

Most caught the eye is undoubtedly oval case, but the movement is the real star. With many different non-circular watches, Millennium series 4101 self-produced movement similar shape with the case, a perfect oval. Although at first glance, this may seem like a so-called skeleton watch, in fact it is not – nothing means is hollow, but purposely missed the point of the white design. Small dial leave enough space so that you can enjoy traditional polished movement;

4101 movement designed a deep three-dimensional effect. Exposed at 3 o’clock in the balance spring, AP also specially designed escapement to crumble from the dial side. 4101 movement has a traditional turn Tuo 22K gold, with ceramic bearings. The movement of each part is polished by hand decoration. Audemars Piguet trained by the experts after long operation to complete. Main plate is a horizontal Geneva wave decoration, circular graining decoration, all are chamfered polished plywood.

4. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph 26470–42 毫米

This year, Audemars Piguet launched six new Royal Oak Offshore watches, but this is the most popular one. Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph Case size is 42 mm × 14.21 mm, dial is slate gray, with a gray hand-sewn alligator strap Buck Horn.

The new models 26470 incorporates many updates. The original rubber buttons and the crown has now upgraded black ceramic piece. The new giant dial Tapisserie grid pattern has been well received, and scroll pattern small dial increase even more texture. Broader multi-faceted hour and minute hands to improve readability.

The biggest surprise is the other side in the case: the newly added sapphire display back to reveal the new 3126 Audemars Piguet chronograph movement, the rotor is still 22K gold chain. This movement offers precise time setting cam switch timing mechanism and stop seconds.

5. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph 26400–44 mm

If you’re looking for more than shown above 42 mm Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph watches but also bold, it may wish to consider the 44 mm × 14.13 mm case of the Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Chronograph 26400. The model retains the familiar black bezel, with highly scratch-resistant ceramic mold. Large rectangular button replaces the 42 mm watch the smaller circular pieces. Like a little brother, this model also uses a super Tapisserie dial, where the white gold hands and hour markers commendable. The outer edge of the dial tachometer scale.

Dial back, the same movement with 42 mm watch is self-winding chronograph movement 3126, has 365 components. Movement runs 21600bph, 59 drill. Dial layout running seconds at 12 o’clock, 30 minutes counter at 9 o’clock and 6 o’clock 12-hour counter.


Replica Richard Mille watch – both steady and beauty

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I think the Replica watch in addition to appearance, a successful model should develop her own appealing charm to make herself conspicuous and be noticed and recognized by others. Replica Richard Mille watch can do it .

Richard Mille brand since its inception always adhere to create a concept, for try a variety of new materials never stopped. This, Richard Mille initiative will NTPT® carbon fiber material used in the manufacture of clocks and watches. Originally widely used in navigation, racing and aerospace industries NTPT® carbon fiber material, constituted by the multi-parallel filaments, filaments separated by carbon fiber, there is a 45 ° angle between the layers, thus creating a rare wood of similar special visual effects. Also has extremely excellent physical properties, all-round protection movement.




Rafael Nadal is a wealthy sports talent and superhuman endurance athlete, his name and Richard Mille once again linked to the creation of RM 35-01 provided the inspiration. On this new manual-winding watch legendary for adhering to the spirit of RM 027 series, using a newly developed NTPT® Richard Mille carbon fiber material case technology.

For Nadal, the 2013 is an exciting year, he gains ten tennis championship in one fell swoop, including Indian Wells Open, French Open and the US Open. A few months later suspended because of injury forced Nadal although ranking slipped to fifth, but very exciting comeback performance to regain the top spot in the ATP rankings within a year.

RM 35-01 watch Nadal carries the power and faith, but also reflects his success on the road leading to the all-conquering, courage of strong willpower. RM 35-01 watch with RMUL3 movement, 5 titanium alloy material, the height of the hollow design, the surface of the black PVD coating process, giving it the movement of foreign forces has exceptional resistance capabilities. In order to show the spirit of challenge 35-01 of RM, Richard Mille in Les Breuleux tested RMUL3 movement performance under a variety of harsh conditions, such as high-strength impact than 5000G. Richard Mille only in very specialized technology and new materials, coupled with the unique personality of the design to make movement easy to overcome the challenges of extreme conditions.

On RMUL3 hollow manual winding movement and the Swiss anchor escapement device uses the 24 gems and vibration frequency of 4 Hz free sprung balance wheel. Double barrel system provides 55 hours of power reserve, this high performance movement weighs only 4 grams, assembled in a unique NTPT® carbon fiber table box. This high-tech material from multiple layers of an average thickness of 30 micron carbon fiber filaments interwoven with a 45 ° angle interleaved between layers, so that all parts of the case are extra sturdy; at the same time in terms of visual appearance Each watch is unique, its appearance like Seiko forged Damascus steel surface, the effect from the complex molecular structure of carbon subtle precision milling and modifications during discovery.

From any perspective, RM 35-01 watch even in the face of various harsh environments, also purely bloom sonorous extreme charm and elegance, count on when the movement and the case can be called more advanced 21st century watches and clocks unparalleled classics.

TZP-N material is a zirconium content of 95%, and adding a stabilizing metal yttrium alloy, and by sandblasting and hand-polished, chamfered, to be lightweight, flexible NTPT® carbon fiber main case. Elongated design between 2:00 and 5:00 crown position to avoid friction between the sprinter’s wrist. RMUL2 movement with a power reserve of 55 hours, 5 titanium alloy material by PVD coating and Titalyt® process, and with a vibration frequency of 4 Hz no card balance wheel. To meet the needs of the athletes, Richard Mille using super tough material, RM61-01 movement through ultra-5000G external shocks testing.